The Granbar Sessions MP3


Clee Laster (Guitar & Vocals)
Chris M. Sheridan (Guitar & Vocals)
Cito Giulini (Guitar & Vocals)

Special Thanks:
Rick Blackwell (Bass)
Kofi Burbridge (Flute)
Rob Rousseau (Keys)
Justin Powell (Bass)

Produced by Cito Giulini, Clee Laster, & Chris M Sheridan
Engineered by Cito Giulini & Clee Laster
Mixed by Cito Giulini & Clee Laster
Album Artwork by Chris M Sheridan

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In the summer of 2016 my longtime friend Cito found some recordings we had done in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I was immediately taken back to an era when late night after-bar jams turned into my first studio sessions, and when Sheridan and I met and recorded our first demos before we formed Simplified.
My next thought was to burn the tapes, but Cito assured me there was magic in them and that he felt we should release them to our fans. After some encouraging words from friends and family (hi mom!), I came to realize these recordings were special;A part of who I was and who we were at one time. Whether we liked it or not, this is where we came from.
So here it is, The Granbar Sessions: A bit of raw history, mistakes and all. Songs written from times forgottenand the songs that paved the way for future memories and the life I live today. I dedicate this album to my mother, Norma McGee

MAYBE IN A DREAM (1998) by Clee & Cito
BRINGING ME DOWN (2003) By Clee & Sheridan
CLEE WALKS (1998) by Clee
CHANGES (2001) by Clee & Cito
DOWNTIME (2003) By Sheridan
BUTTERFLIES (2001) By Clee & Sheridan
FALLING AGAIN (1999) by Clee & Cito
FROM TODAY (2003) By Clee & Sheridan
LONG NIGHT (1999) by Clee & Cito
LEAVE THIS PLACE (2003) By Clee & Sheridan